Colter is firmly committed to maintaining a superior Health, Safety, and Environmental Management program. We will continue to operate in a manner that safeguards our employees, customers, sub-contractors, visitors, and the public. We are committed to safety, the well-being of people, sustainable development, and the communities in which we work and operate.

We continue to work towards a workplace that is incident and injury-free by prioritizing safety leadership, accountability, and the development of our people.

Safety Will Not Be Compromised

Invest In Tomorrow – Work Safe Today

All employees and visitors on company and customer worksites are responsible for :

  • Complying With Government Regulations
  • Safety Policies & Procedures
  • Wearing Proper PPE Equipment
  • Participating In Training Programs
  • Reporting Incidents
  • Informing Management of Unsafe Work Conditions

By fulfilling our safety responsibilities, everyone who works for Colter will share the benefits of a safe and healthy workplace.

Safety Culture
  • Target Zero Harm
  • Proactive HSE Leadership is a top priority across all activities
  • Positive HSE team culture with personal responsibility for employees, contractors, and customers
  • We believe that all incidents and accidents are preventable by:

    • Eliminating or controlling risks and hazards
    • Implementing immediate actions to correct reported/observed unacceptable HSE conditions and or behaviors
    • Use of safe procedures including design practices
    • Use of proper equipment
    • Training and education
    • Continual improvement
  • Minimizing Environmental Impact

Safety Partners